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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  April 14, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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teenager. >> criminally, with assaulted with intent. >> family members rally behind a college park students, whose beating at the hands of police was caught on tape. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> even more fallout tonight from that video showing prince george's county police officers beating a seemingly defenseless college park started. >> it was after the terps beat duke, but just today, another officer was put on disciplinary action, and john sherman joins us live from the newsroom. a prominent family member of the victim is speaking out. >> the case is still very much under investigation, but the reason this case has drawn so much attention is the video is so clear. it shows the defenseless student beaten repeatedly.
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some of the officers did not come forward voluntarily. >> we have identified some of those officers through investigation, and i believe some have come through voluntarily. it has been a mixture of both. >> what this shows has sparked national outrage. a student, seen here dancing and celebrating the win over their archrival, do, is stopped by officers on horseback and then slammed into a wall suddenly and apparently without provocation, and then, three officers in swat beat him while he was down and defenseless. >> we have more officers that will be suspended. we believe we have identified all of the officers that were seen in the tape using force. >> the student is suing the police. a originally, he was arrested, and charging documents alleged that he attacked them.
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-- our originally. a former district judge -- originally, he was arrested. >> he retreated. he stepped back may be one step and then two. -- maybe one step. he was happy that the team had won. what precisely was their motivation to go over and try to beat him to death? he believes they should be -- >> he believes they should be criminally prosecuted. >> minimally, they should be charged with assault with intent to maim, and that means they were trying to permanently disfigure him. maybe even worse than that. they were trying to kill him. >> later this week, it appears more suspensions are on the way.
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meanwhile, federal authorities are involved, looking into potential civil rights violations. john sherman, wbal tv 11 news. >> a trial for lamont davis goes on. today, they asked why he was under house arrest. the judge sent a message back to the jurors, saying that was not pertinent. and a field hockey coach and teacher was sentenced today to five years in prison for possessing child pornography. he had checked with under age girls. their grip over 300 images of child pornography on his computer. >> police have charged a 23- year-old man with burning and beating a toddler, all while his girlfriend, but chiles mother, says she was asleep nearby --
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the child's mother, says she was asleep nearby. >> it was a 21-month-old daughter. >> there has been some other little child who has been victimized. >> she told police that gifford drag a half gallon of wine. she went to bed and woke up -- differed draped -- drank half a gallon of wine. the documents say there was blood on the child's ears. later, she realized her face was swollen and took her to the hospital. employees at the daycare were devastated to learn of her injuries, burns, bruises, cuts, and even evidence of a sexual
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assault and sodomy. police did find blood on several items, including a bloody t- shirt with the baby's hair on it. when questioned, he said he did not remember anything. >> i do not know what the purpose is for somebody like that to exist. >> i think it is sad. it is very sick. >> kim dacey, wbal tv 11 news. >> the little girl remains in the hospital. the state attorney's office says as of now, the mother will not be charged. >> a local muslim woman has been denied the opportunity to be a foster woman. the aclu has filed a complaint. the woman reportedly assured family services that she would honor the religious beliefs of any child in her care, but
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nonetheless, a application was rejected. thousands of children are in limbo after an american family returned a russian orphanage that they had just recently adopted. >> it is especially difficult for a teenager who was born in russia and who has given back to his homeland in a big way. kerry cavanaugh joins us live in the studio. >> his adoptive parents took him home. now, he is concerned that other orphans may be prevented from finding a loving home. >> we found him. he was coordinating a massive undertaking, shipping a playground to the siberian hospital where he was born. alex and his adoptive father traveled to rushford to assemble the apparatus. -- to russia.
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many question the intentions of americans. >> abuse and neglect, and whenever that happens, that makes big-time news over there, so they do not think very highly of us. >> authorities say one woman put her 7-year-old son on an airplane to russia alone because she believed the boy was violent. >> no matter what the problems are. >> now, russia is threatening to freeze pending adoptions. >> we are really angry about it, because everything i have 44 seems to go down the toilet. -- everything i have worked for seems to go down the toilet. >> there are many times that my wife and i were called up in the field position, crying our eyes out -- in the fetal position. >> they adopted five children, including alex, and they can say
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that children that have been institutionalized can require therapy, but they cannot imagine what their lives would be like if they had not picked alex up those years ago. >> he is challenging. he does demand more attention than are other children. -- our other children. it is all worth it. >> no charges have been filed against that tennessee mother who said her son back to russia, and that is why they are looking for a formal adoption agreement between russia and the united states. reporting live in the studio, i am kerry cavanaugh, wbal tv 11 news. >> thanks. that water main break has been fixed. the department of public works worked overnight to fix the 20- inch main that broke yesterday. dpw says that while traffic kept
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moving, the accommodative the repair crews. >> there is a baby boom going on in the bay, among crabs -- they accommodated the repair crews. maryland, virginia, and the potomac river's fishery commission began enforcing policies. it included shortening the crabbing's season and only allowing male crabs to be harvested -- the crabbing season. >> the more reduction you will have. >> it does not mean the restrictions are being lifted or that prices will drop, but officials may modify restrictions in may or early june. >> at least four other people are dead, 10,000 injured from an earthquake that hit southern china this morning. they managed to save a little
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girl who was pinned under concrete slabs. officials say many more people still remain trapped as supplies are were rushed to the area -- as supplies are rushed to the area. there were several powerful aftershocks. and in iceland, people are being forced to flee all because of a volcano erupting. meteorologists say it erupted ice and put steam at least 5 miles in the air. they say no one is in immediate danger. >> the local company that has been publishing a jewish publication. >> about 10 miles under the speed limit, and you are shaving with an electric razor. >> you will not believe what else people are doing behind the wheel. >> still do not have your taxes done? we will tell you how to get help
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before the deadline tomorrow evening, for free. >> if you think airlines charging for carry-on is -- carry-ons is ridiculous, you are not alone. >> a significant spring warm-up. the winds are out of the south.
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>> in tonight's project economy report, and baltimore-based communications company, which also publishes other magazines, says it is restructuring its debt -- a baltimore-based communications company. they have been behind a weekly publication of the jewish times since 1919. >> ok, procrastinators, tomorrow
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is your tax deadline day, and if you still need some last- minute help, do not worry. we have got you covered. baltimore city's irs office. the best part? it is all free. they are encouraging folks to e- file, and it helps to cut down on august and identity theft. >> you should keep your records for three years. we are all aware of identity theft, so everyone should take precautions and procedures to destroy their documents in a proper, secure manner, such as shredding. >> also, this saturday, wbal tv 11 news teaming up with the better business bureau for secure your id day. you can have boxes shredded for free in an effort to prevent
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identity threat. it begins at 8:00 and wraps up around noon. apparently, maryland senator ben cardin to they got behind legislation that would ban airlines from charging for carry-ons. he says that spirit airlines went over the edge when they said they would charge up to $45 for a carry-on. they are trying to keep airlines from adding the charges. spears officials say they have fewer carry-on bags -- spirit officials say if they have your carry-on bags, it will help empty the plane faster. -- if they have fewer carry-on bags. and a new project, do not drive distracted. >> we thank others for this effort, and it is all aimed at getting a driver's young and old, male and female, to stop
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talking, at texting -- aimed at getting drivers, young and old, male and female, to stop talking, texting, shading, and doing other things. >> -- shaving, and doing other things. >> it is dangerous. it does cause accidents, some of them catastrophic. >> what is "it?" >> i have seen people on cell phones that nearly caused just a major pile up, with the telephone to their year. -- ear. >> and it is not only a growing problem in maryland but nationwide. 66% of americans of all ages have talked on a cell phone while driving. 34% admit to texting behind the wheel, but the core group of offenders?
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they are born after 1980 and well known as the texting generation. 64% of them say they text and drive. >> put the 16-year-old behind the wheel of the car, and it is a tasked -- task, and they are trying to text message. it is extremely dangerous. >> it is adding to the number of young people in accidents. >> it is against the law. it is going to get to stop and give you a record at a very young age. minimally, you are going to kill somebody and get an accident. >> that worst case scenario does not seem much of a deterrent. today, it is the more experienced drivers. on the beltway during the morning rush, one driver gets a warning for texting. >> you were texting korean >>
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and then someone driving too slow -- you pretexting. >> and then someone driving too slow -- you were texting. >> and then, someone driving too slow. >> you were going 10 miles under the speed limit, and you were shaving. where are you headed to? >> another warning, but on another day, it could have amounted to a fine of $250, and that is still much better than the alternative. expect increased state presence on maryland roads as they try to put a stop to distracted driving. wbal tv 11 news. >> are you ready to take the pledge to and distracted driving? go to the website. -- to end distracted driving? we urge you to go to our website and check out the
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statistics and links. it will most likely convince you. we went to get all of our viewers to take this pledge. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> this time of year, you can get some chilly temperatures. it was cool this morning, and is likely to happen thursday morning. -- and it is likely to happen again thursday morning. normal today, 62 at the airport, 64 downtown, and 64 degrees is the normal high temperature. the low was of little below the normal low of 41. tomorrow, they are likely to be in the 30's again -- the low was a little below the normal low of 41. you can see the satellite imagery showing clear skies across the region. with nearly calm winds, 40's
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west of the beltway. 50 at whitemarsh. it is 49 in columbia. look at the chilies stuffed down here on the lower eastern shore. -- look at the chilly stuff do9wn hear. -- down here. 40's at the inner harbor. the sunshine will come up at 6:30 foust and morning -- thursday morning. a little bit of cloud cover along the waterfront. we may see some of that tracking through tomorrow. there will be some showers and storms. once this gets here, the temperatures will drop again. until then, look at this warm air headed our way. 62 at bwi-marshall. st. louis, 86.
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84 in louisville. des moines, iowa, all the way up to 83 degrees. some of that will push across the region on friday. as the waterfront is coming our way, there may be some scattered clouds around -- as the warm front is coming our way. the temperature will be near 80 before the cold front starts moving south, with a round of showers and storms friday night and into saturday morning, and that will have a drop in the temperature for the weekend, but in the meantime, a warm-up. west wins, 6 to 12. which west winds -- west winds 73 around the bay. warming up to 67 at ocean city. waves around 1 foot or less. the 7-day forecast, nearly 80 degrees on friday with a
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thunderstorm or riding on friday evening. breezy and cooler on saturday and sunday -- with a thunderstorm arriving on friday evening. >> who wears the pants? it depends on what kind. >> tonight estimated jackpot -- remember, for just $1 more, you get the power play option. tonight, -- here is a picture from charlene. she pulled home money.
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your final white ball tonight is 38. time now for your power ball. and tonight, that number is 20. check those tickets. ♪ my subaru saved my life. i won't ever forget that. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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>> one month after re-signing with the ravens, derrick mason meets to consider his continued tenure with the team.
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he matches up with any, but that is on paper, and everyone is talking nice in the spring. he knows a change in his role must come along. five years, the number one target in the passing game. now, he must accept a smaller role. he understands it. he also remind everyone that you never forget what makes you comfortable. -- he also reminds everyone. >> your favorite pair of pants, right? and just because you go buy a new pair of pants, do you go away from that favorite pair of pants? no, you do not, because you know that favorite pair of pants is going to work for you each time. >> a talented man from denver traded to miami. that gives the broncos a pair of second-round picks, one in 2010 and one in 2011. marshall agrees to a contract
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extension, four years, $47.50 million. curious to see if they continue to use their wild cat formation which offers little for wild receivers -- wide receivers. one theme held constant. no blowout. today, no. 9. the orioles supper a sweep to raise -- to the rays. he could not get it. -- they suffer a sweep. the in the should have been over. it is not. he wishes it was -- the inn in should have been over. carlos pena. 3-0, tampa -- the inning should have been over. b.j. upton tees off. 6-0, tampa. nick markakis.
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strike three. something at which he has xl that this season. and then, -- something which he has excelled as -- at. this is not fair to little leaguers. inexplicably, he misses the ball. the o's understand your pain. >> i think there are a lot of people who can relate to us. we can relate to them. but what we can do is come to the ballpark prepared every day, as individuals and as a team, take control of what we have control over, and play the game hard. >> for you stat heads, with this home run, cantu is the first to have one rbi and one hit like this. george kelly of the new york
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baseball giants in 1920. appropriately, a record breaker in the fifth. also appropriate, but the marlins over the reds -- also appropriately, the marlins over the reds. tonight, the capitals watched the it senators and the penguins. -- the capitals watch the senators and the penguins. but at the igloo, the loose puck. 2-1 after 1. the gold that sealed an upset win. ottawa's deals game 1, 5-4. -- ottawa wins. geico's been saving people money on car insurance for over 70 years.
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>> 7-day forecast warming up again, almost 80 on friday, and then it cools off again for the weekend. >> have a good night, everybody. >> good night. see you tomorrow.
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